PHP based imposing software
Status: Deployed

Batch processing of incoming PDF files plus XML description files. Files are then imposed to fit on the printing sheet. More than one PDF file can be placed automatically within one printing PDF. An unlimited number of rules can be applied to do so.
A Cappuccino based Web-Application is used to control the System.

Minimum System Requirements: PHP 5.2, MySQL 4, PDFLib



Nexus CMS
Status: Deployed

Nexus CMS is a complex enterprise application framework for PHP. It's capable of organizing multiple "websites" in a tree-like structure. It is scalable and can deliver contents over connected cloud systems like Amazon or Google. It has an integrated grid computing system for scheduling processing intensive tasks.

Minimum System Requirements: PHP 5.2, MySQL 4



Status: Discontinued

EasyBase is a Xtra (Plug-In) for Adobe's Director. It allows the Lingo–Programmer to build CD-Roms with database functionality, like product catalouges, phonebooks or similar. EasyBase needs no other software to be installed and can run directly from CD.
System Requirements: Mac OS X or Windows

» EasyBase Homepage



Status: On Hold

WaveTools is a Xtra (Plug-In) for Macromedia's Director. It offers audio features which can be used to program music and soundeffects like in professional music studios. It has a build in sampler, synthesizer, physical moddelling, filters, reverb, delay, timecompression and a multitrack sequencer for playing midi files.
Sequences can also be build with Lingo even during playback, which makes it very interesting for experimental music and sound-installations.
Unlike Director it can play and join soundevents in absolute sync, even if the application has a lot to do with graphics and animation. This is, because WaveTools is running an independent thread for audio playback.
System Requirements: Mac OS X or Windows

Development will be continued on demand.