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Pdf generation and imposing for printing: Klaus Kobald
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  Ta Ke Ti Na Rhythm Explorer      


The Rhythm Explorer contains many Ta Ke Ti Na exercises that allow you to experience and internalize the boundless world of rhythm. Make rhythm a part of your daily meditation practice with The Ta Ke Ti Na Rhythm Explorer. The computer program is so easy to use that even a child can enjoy it. At the same time, it is comprehensive and sophisticated enough for the professional musician to use as a tool for composing and arranging.

For this application I developed a new Audio xtra for Director, which is capable of playing audiosamples and sequences in a much better way than Director offers.

Software + Book has received the Edu Comenius Award 2006


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Idea: Reinhard Flatischler
Programming: Klaus Kobald
Publisher: Schott Music, Germany

Pozzo Styling

3D Displays

Client: Pozzo Switzerland
Concept and Flash: Medea Production Vienna
3D-Navigation: Klaus Kobald

Grohe CD-Rom


This Software contains detailed information, pictures and technical description on products of the German company Grohe.

Client: Grohe
Artwork: Ron Sattar, Chicago
Programming: Klaus Kobald




This CD-Rom guides the user thru 150 years of "Austria's Labour Party"

Client: SPÖ
Producer: Datenwerk
Artwork: Verena Hochleitner
Navigation: Klaus Kobald
Content: Transform